About me profileWelcome to my blog. Keeping it short and sweet Scheduled Escape is a place for me to be creative and to share my thoughts, experiences and photographs. I’m a 26 year old photographer who likes to plan ahead. I love ASOS and The Walking Dead. I enjoy travel and want to do more. Some places I’ve ticketed off my list are America and Tokyo. Italy, Australia and Canada still need to be visited.

I love arranging hangout days with friends usually around food and I like trying new things. I’ve combined being a starter cook and a weekly movie night with friends to encourage me to cook more. So far it’s something I really look forward to in the week.

I’ve been referred to as agony aunt and aunt Em by friends. I’m always there to give advice and share thoughts. This blog allows me to do so on a grander scale for those that want to read. All opinions are honest and my own and I hope you enjoy reading.