Cinema Dates & Girl With The Dragon Shirt | August Favourites

This months top favourite is trips to the Cinema. At the start of August myself and a friend each signed up and became owners of an Unlimited Cinema Card! I did ponder for a while as £17.40 a month does add up. After some thought and some calculation I went for it. I worked out that I’d need to watch at least two films a month to get my money’s worth. However since signing up I have watched a total of eight films in the first month! Going to the cinema has just reminded me how fun trips to the big screen are. I’ve also been hanging out with my mates a lot more too. The cinema trips are already paid for so you can go as many times as you like. Twice in one day if you really want too. I’ll admit this has happened twice so far. A typical Sunday for me is sat in front of the TV anyway. Why not do it with a mate, on the big screen, I now say!

If you are interested in joining up I’d recommend it. You do have to sign up for the year so make sure you will be able to use it for the complete year. I hope that by next year I’ll be too busy travelling to have a cinema card but for the time being I’m pretty happy having one. Here’s my ‘Recommend a Friend’ promo code to use if you are thinking about joining. A free month for the both of us. RAF-85HQ-53ZX-24ZQ-73EQ

Photo Taken By Arti

Photo Taken By Arti

My next favourite is Zara…again. The item also happens to be red! Zara simply has too many beautiful items and if like me you order online you’ll know it’s like Christmas morning when your order arrives, boxed and in tissue paper. A friend of mine understands the struggle. We along with many other shopping addicts are both inundated with emails from our favourite shops about offers they have on. It also doesn’t help that I am encouraged by this friend (You know who you are) to buy all these items. I do get my own back when I suggest ALL items in her basket should also be bought and to be quick about it. There’s nothing worse than it becoming out of stock while it sits in your basket. Sign!

I do love a checkered shirt and this Zara one caught my eye because of the colour. “I’ve never owned a red shirt” I thought. Then on further inspection I saw that it had a dragon on the back. I was sold and it arrived only two days later. Zara postage sure is speedy!

Like my August playlist this blog post too has been short and sweet. These were the only things really standing out as favourites this month. Pay-day is fast approaching so I have no doubt I’ll have new Zara favourites soon.

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