August 2016 Playlist

August 2016 Playlist

 Track List

  1. Lucky I Got What I Want – Jungle
  2. Can’t Get Enough – Basenji
  3. Bird Set Free – Sia

I think August has so far been the quickest month of the year. I started a new full time job and surprisingly have had more time to be social with my friends. The change over from part time to full time went pretty smoothly and I got into the routine of things within two weeks. I do notice though that this month blog posts have suffered and I need to take a mental note to not let that happen again. What can I say I’ve been having too much fun!

My playlist for August is pretty short and sweet. I’ve been doing more movie watching this month due to becoming an Unlimited Cinema Card Owner. You can read more about that in my monthly favourites.

I wonder if you can guess which films the songs came from? Jungle is a new band for me and I predict I’ll be listening to them in September.

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