Beating The Winter Blues

This is my first blog post in… well, it’s been a while. My hardcore readers will know!

My winter blues kicked in after I returned from a trip to Italy last year. It was October and the clocks had just gone back. This meant my journey to and from work was in the cold and dark. The only bits of daylight I’d see were through narrow celling high windows, which had bars on them. I felt like a vampire prisoner. Having to work extra hours due to Christmas in retail got me down too. Beating the winter blues was no easy task for me. I succeeded a few times with cinema trips, socials with mates and the odd junk food binge but after celebrating the new year, I got myself stuck in another kind of blue: January Blues!

New Year symbolises new starts and fresh resolutions. Like many of us I made a list of things I wanted to achieve this year. If I’m honest, it’s been the same list for the past 5 years. I just regurgitate the never quite finished resolutions list. At the top of my list is getting organised and being more productive (mainly with this blog). Making these plans at the beginning of the year is easy and I felt very hopeful like all resolutions start out being. However, it’s almost the end of the month and only now am I starting to ‘get on with it’. January Blues have taken over for the best part of this month and they have almost won, until now. I’m breaking out of the blues with this blog post!

Whilst January is full of reflection and making new plans for the year ahead, I usually feel a bit sad this time of year. Not “boo hoo hoo” sad, just fed up and I go into a zombie staring mode but on the inside my brain is working overtime thinking about EVERYTHING. If like me you’ve been feeling blue the last few months, not really felt like doing much or maybe not really knowing what you want to do, then I hope my ideas for Beating The Winter Blues can be of some use.


My ideas do not include a cure. A few hours to a day of not feeling blue is all I can give!

Sofa Movie Watching Time

Curl up on the sofa with snacks and let a movie distract you for a while. Don’t think too long about what movie mood you are in as this can put you off watching. Especially if there’s plenty to choose from. A quick decision needs to be made and in the genre of comedy or action. They work best for me. Nothing too serious and no slow burners. IMDB is a great site for movie ratings and reviews. Snacks are important and need to be done right. I suggest popcorn, sour sweets, chocolate, chilli nachos. These can be eaten separately or in the one sitting. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Food With Friends

Go out to dinner with a friend. Nothing better than being wined and dined and catching up with a friend. I suggest going someplace new. Live a little too and order something you wouldn’t normally.

2017 Goals

Even though this month is almost over it’s never too late to make a list of resolutions. Make a year plan on what you want to achieve. Learning a musical instrument, going on that holiday to the Bahamas or maybe getting the promotion at work. Tell friends and family about your plans. The more people you talk to the more possible things appear.

Finally, plan a trip! A weekend trip or a month trip. You decide where you want to go. Make it fun with lots of adrenaline or a place for relaxing and doing a b s o l u t e l y nothing! Having something to look forward to like a trip is a great pick me up. You might not be going for a few months but within that time there’s holiday shopping that needs to be done!

Got any suggestions on beating the winter blues? I’d love to hear them!

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