25 Best And Worst Movies Of 2016

You may have noticed I’m a bit of a moviegoer. That’s why I’ve created a best and worst movies list. For me there’s nothing better than sitting down to a good movie. In 2016 we had the long-awaited release of Finding Dory (8/10) and we caught up with Bridget Jones and her baby (7/10). Harry Potter fans went wild for Fantastic Beasts (8/10) and Eddie Redmayne stunned us with his beautiful performance in The Danish Girl (7/10). A few other big blockbusters 2016 brought were Suicide Squad (6/10), Star Trek Beyond (6/10), Rogue One (7/10) and The Girl On The Train (7/10). I enjoyed all these movies and highly recommend them along with all the others listed in this blog post.

I wanted to make up a list of my best and worst movies seen in 2016. I’m using the two familiar categories of “best” and “worst” but with the following meanings,

Best – these are the movies that lived up to their expectations and I would happily go and see again.

Worst – these are the movies that were disappointing because they fell short of the trailered hype or had unsatisfactory plots or endings.

These are my 25 Best And Worst Movies Of 2016.



Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – Two and a half hours of my movie watching time wasted. The only good thing about this movie was the introduction of Wonder Woman. I could have watched Captain America: Civil War again. A much more enjoyable battle. 1/10

The BFG – I remember watching the 1989 animated film with my brother growing up. So of course, I had to revisit The Big Friendly Giant. The film was enjoyable although I did feel a little motion sickness when we see from Sophie’s perspective. The character Sophie was slightly different to the animated film. The young actress who played Sophie has been slated by other reviewers a lot. I don’t think this is fair I just think Sophie’s character should have been acted more in keeping with the book. 4/10

Absolutely Fabulous – After accidently pushing Kate Moss into the River Thames best friends Edina and Patsy hide out in the South of France. The film was a good watch but wasn’t as Fabulous as I was expecting. A shame because I love Joanna Lumley. 5/10

Jason Bourne – Bourne is drawn out of hiding. I was very disappointed with this film. Great stunts but didn’t live up to the other films. 5/10

Sausage Party – A sausage finds out his doomed destiny and fights back with the other food items. A funny movie that just went too far in its humour. The food orgy was bad taste, no pun intended. 4/10

Passengers –  Two passengers wake up 90 years too early on a voyage to a colony planet. A love story set in space, this movie is worth a watch. I just wasn’t that happy with the ending. 6/10

The 5th Wave – Waves of alien attacks leave the earth in ruin and the human population in danger. Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz) is on the run and on a time limit to finding her brother. The plot of this movie is interesting but weak in the middle and the ending I found was disappointing. 6/10

Dirty Grandpa – A comedy road movie starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron. The pair drive to Florida for spring break. It’s both rude and funny. I did laugh throughout but it isn’t a movie I’d watch again. 5/10

Allegiant – Being the third instalment of the Divergent films I had to watch to find out what lies beyond the walls. Going off my greater memory of the first film I don’t really think Allegiant entertained me enough. I found Trish’s journey from the beginning more watchable but I needed to find out what happens at the end. 5/10

Don’t Breathe – Teenage thieves break into a rumoured rich blind man’s house. Expecting it to be an easy job and to leave with a fortune they are suddenly fighting for their lives. The blind man is not the easy target they thought he would be. Trapped in a horror house the character Rocky kept doing things that we all know you wouldn’t do if you were in that situation. I kept getting frustrated and because of that makes me not want to watch this movie again. Is it just me or does this happen to you sometimes? I mean how hard is running away to survive?! Also in the film, there’s a disturbing scene in the cellar that I’d rather not had been subject to. I mean who thinks up this stuff, seriously! 5/10

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Nerve –  An online version of truth or dare. Lots of action throughout. The movie flows well, no slow bits. Stars Dave Franco! 6/10

The Boy – (Walking Dead fans, Maggie is in a horror movie). Greta (Lauren Cohan) is dumfounded when she realises the boy who she is going to be taking care of is a life size doll. Yep it’s a horror movie with a creepy doll but that’s not all… 6/10

Deadpool – A desperate special forces jerk recently diagnosed with cancer is approached about a cure.  He is injected with a mutated serum and then undergoes hours of torture. Barely surviving Deadpool along with his new powers sets out on a slightly smug morbid revenge mission. 7/10

Central Intelligence – A Facebook reconnection between two high school acquaintances is the back story of this action comedy. Kevin Hart plays a polite accountant who has his life interrupted when he reconnects with Dwayne Johnson. You’ll see The Rock in a way you haven’t seen before! 6/10

The Shallows – Jaws who? Blake Lively shows us how it’s done in this one women film. Shark v woman equals an enjoyable thriller. 7/10

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – I loved Ricky from the moment he arrived at his new foster home. The humour and one liners this movie gives are 10 out of 10. Ricky who is a rebellious teen goes missing in the New Zealand bush and there’s a bit of a manhunt to find him. If you only watch one movie from this list, let it be this! 10/10

Lights Out – This horror movie starts from the get go! Watch it with a scaredy cat friend, like I did. It’s more enjoyable. 6/10

Deepwater Horizon – Mark Wahlberg stars in a dramatised disaster of the worst oil spill in U.S history. Lots of explosions and risk taking. 7/10

The Nice Guys – Two private investigators reluctantly team up to investigate a missing girl. Brilliantly funny, Ryan Gosling had me in hysterics throughout. 7/10

The Accountant – My favourite Ben Affleck movie to date. Affleck is an autistic, math genius who works as an accountant. He’s also handy with a gun. This means lots of action. What’s not to like. 8/10

The Edge of Seventeen –  Not your usual cheesy high school movie. It’s a comedy drama with charming teenage moments that make you laugh and go aww. Woody Harrelson is endearing in this movie and Hailee Stenifeld performance is both amusing and delightful. 8/10

Moana – Disney combined Pocahontas and Lilo & Stich and created Moana. I bloody love this movie! 10/10

Arrival – The idea of life outside of earth is fascinating. Arrival is not ‘another’ alien film. I found it believable in the way communication started and progressed with the characters and the ‘aliens’. An easy watch that will no doubt like me have you asking Google the meaning and reading other people’s synopses of the ending. 8/10

Why Him – A girl chose the season of Christmas to bring her family to San Francisco to meet her boyfriend (James Franco). From the initial meeting, I wasn’t sure how the love story was going to go. James Franco plays a ridiculous loved up boyfriend who clashes with his girlfriend’s father. 7/10

Mr Right – Girl (Anna Kendrick) falls for a guy. Before they live happily ever after she must come to terms with him being a dancing hitman. Sit back, watch and enjoy! 9/10

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That was my 25 best and worst movies of 2016. I hope you enjoyed my brief reviews (not wanting to give too much away) and recommendations. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below what your favourites and worst movies were.

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