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Arranging to go out for food with mates on a weekday makes the week seem less of a horrid week. There’s nothing better than when a plan comes together. Working to everyone’s schedules can be tricky. There’s always that one friend that can’t do any of the days given. Go with the majority vote and set the day, place and time. That difficult friend is very likely going to be the first one to arrive at the restaurant.

Now this next part should be a rule for every group of friends (including mine). If someone decides to cancel before the day keep to the plan! When someone says they can’t go it can cause a domino effect. Then before you know it you are cornered into waving the white flag and rescheduling for another day. So keep to the plan! Even if everyone cancels and it’s just two of you going out.

Choosing a restaurant can be another set back if you have picky eaters in your circle of friends. They don’t like to gamble and will order the same type of meal. They’ll pick a restaurant you have all been to many times before. Best way around deja vu is not letting them pick the restaurant.

Trying out new places and new food is always fun and I love doing it with friends. Recently I went to The Botanist in Manchester. I kept hearing about the famous “hanging chicken on a stick kebab thing.” The 40% off food in May also helped our decision on where to eat.

I ordered hanging chicken kebab, chips and onion rings and chocolate fudge cake for desert. You can’t go wrong with chips and onion rings. The chicken was tender and juicy and was soaked in sweet chilli, ginger and garlic butter. The chips being below meant that the sweet chilly taste was shared through the dish. Steak, curry and two ½ chickens were also ordered. It was thumbs up all round. While waiting for desert I started to have an imaginary shop around the restaurant. The Botanist have the shabby chic look going on and I would like their style of chairs in my house one day. The glassware had us talking too, we do like a textured glass to hold.

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When a night ends with full stomachs,  good chats and laughter the only thing to do is to plan the next. A week on Sunday it is!

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Manchester?

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