Del Monte & Stranger Things | July Favourites

Similar to my monthly playlist blog posts I fancy starting a monthly favourites. I always like recommendations from friends on the latest beauty essentials or a new restaurant I must try out. I have been known for creating binge monsters when getting friends hooked on my favourite TV shows. So here’s a list of my first monthly favourites.

July Favourites

In July we had the hottest days of the year. Heatwaves mean extra indulgences when it comes to ice creams or ice lollies. The freezer aisle at Tesco became my favourite food aisle and many other people’s favourites too. On a few occasions the freezers were empty! Two new purchases were made when looking for something fruity and refreshing. Del Monte 100% Juice Orange Ice Lollies and the Mango Iced Smoothie. Any two boxes for £3. Needless to say they were repurchased many a time. They also were good for sore swollen throats. Sick in July you ask. Yes, I spent the last week ill eating these lollies.

My next July Favourites is a TV show. If you are seeking ‘a life’ than fear not this is only an eight episoder. You can stay up late and watch it in a day! Stranger Things is Nexflix’s latest original series. It is simply SO GOOD! Without giving too much away, The story follows the disappearance of 12 year old Will. His disappearance starts three separate investigations, one of which is by the boys best friends. It’s a sci-fi, mystery, thriller that has you enticed throughout. The film is set in the 80s and you may notice the many nods of appreciations towards films like The Goonies, E.T and Stand By Me. While those films should never have a sequel nor be re filmed the Duffer brothers who wrote and produced Stranger Things created something that radiates inspiration from all the great coming of age adventure films. From start to finish the music, characters and scenes will remind you of so many films, shows and possibly even books.  There’s no real main character in the show. Everyone is on their own journey/investigation which keeps you guessing the plot while you watch. The show has absolutely everything in it. All kinds of film genres, you’ll experience all emotions and you will simply love the characters. Imdb current rating is 9.1 out of 10.

The next favourites are beauty. I finished up my Simple face cream and I was on the hunt to find another. I usually stick with creams I like but fancied a change. Superdrug had a bit of a sale on which I find is the best time to try out new products. I went ahead and bought the Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream for dry and sensitive skin. It has SPF 15 which I thought was perfect for the summer. The cream consistency is thick and I’d normally be put off thinking it will make my skin too oily. However the cream seeps in quickly and leaves my skin very hydrated and the cream smells good too. Second purchase was face wipes. I picked up Simple Limited Edition Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. One side of the wipes is textured so it feels like I exfoliate my skin whilst I remove my make up. The second side is smooth so good around my eye area. Usually with face wipes I find they can nip my skin but so far I have found the Simple ones very kind which is true to the title.

My last July favourites is the colour red. Well red clothing. Now I’m not alone when I say, I’ll bulk buy a top I like in all the available colours. Same goes for style. In July the sun was out and I was enjoying wearing bright colours. A red floral top from Zara similar to this one had been bought the month before. Receiving a few compliments about the top I thought I’d add a bit more red to my wardrobe. I went online and bought this off the shoulder dress which, apart from the colour, was similar in style. There was a theme going on and I liked the price too. ASOS happen to have it in many other colours but I have restrained myself from buying more. I do really like it in blue though.

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