DIY Flower Crowns: Easy & Instagramable

It’s that time of year again were the collection of sunglasses makes an appearance, sunburn strikes in the strangest of places and weddings and barbeques are the monthly outings. Summer is a great time to get a little DIY creative and in this blog I explain why DIY Flower Crowns are a perfect choice to get your creative juices flowing!

When I was little, summer was usually spent outside with my childhood friends going on bike rides, chalking on the streets, inventing flower perfumes, rollerblading down hills, making dens and using my imagination to create anything I wanted. Does that young creative enthusiasm and the thought of anything is possible have to stop there? Yes I’ve grown out of chalking on the streets and haven’t rollerbladed in a long time, although I’d still absolutely be able to rollerblade backwards! There’s still creative outlets us young adults can get involved in and create. No children are needed to be your cover story for wanting to colour in the lines or have some fun with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Did you know making flower crowns was super easy to do?

They are also the perfect activity for a birthday or a hen do!

Items Needed:

I’m fortunate to have arty friends and an event like a birthday brings everyone together and is a great setting to try something new or go somewhere different. Birthday girl Jenn opted for something a little different this time around to celebrate her birthday. Flower crown making and tea and cake!

A local tea room was our setting. Who doesn’t like a cup of tea and a slice of cake?  Actually me, I’m not a tea drinker. I like cake though, give me two slices!

Jenn had previously looked into flower crown workshops but the price per person directed her to watching YouTube tutorials. A video or two later and the steps were learnt.

On the day Jenn showed us all a 2 minute demo. We had it straight away. Each crown was so different and showed off our personalities. It was lovely making something and being able to wear it. At the end we all felt like princesses and received lots of compliments from passers-by. The photoshoot we all had afterwards was lots of fun too!

DIY Flower Crowns

This DIY session has made me want to do another. There’s endless amounts of tutorials online. Doing the DIY flower crowns made me remember the TV shows that were on after school. Art Attack and Finger Tips and all the ridiculous things they came up with. As a child though you just had to make it. PVA glue was always an essential. I remember once making a boxing kangaroo rubbish bin!

*After curiously Googling that memory* F*** me, boxing kangaroo is still online! Fearne and Steven still there showing you how to make it!

Fancy having a go? Here’s some easy steps.

DIY Flower Crowns

1.Measure circumference of head with wire (wrap wire around a few times for extra crown strength)

2.Cut wire with pliers

3.Cut flower head and leaves off stems with scissors

4.Wrap flowers and leaves around wire crown

5.Secure with tape and string

6.Keep wrapping flowers around crown until you are happy

7.Take lots of selfies and show off your flower crowns to friends

I’d love to hear what DIY things you like to do in the summer time. Let me know in the comments below or use my hashtag #scheduledescape to share your pictures on Instagram!

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