DIY Pinterest Ice Lollies

Pinterest-1 Emma-0. Why are DIY projects harder than they look? It should really be Pinterest-2 if you include the lengthy time it took to make my DIY Slogan Hat. Pinterest is great for collecting ideas and inspiration. I find myself using it more and more each day. DIY projects are enjoyable things to do but can be challenging and stressful when you realise this awesome idea you’ve seen is great to look at but not the greatest to taste. Here’s my DIY Pinterest Ice Lollies…mishaps and success!

As a photographer, I know all about Photoshop and image manipulation. I also know about the secrets used during food photography and that you won’t by any means, be wanting to taste the food at the end of the photo shoot. So, I ask myself, “Why do you keep thinking you can make the exact same thing on Pinterest?” I guess the answer is, I like the challenge!

DIY Pinterest Ice Lollies

My “make your own ice lolly” interest started when I first saw an image of a gummy bear version. Thinking it was brilliant, colourful and different I went on to try and make them. Reading a few bad reviews almost put me off but I wanted to try for myself. The reviews claimed that the image was a lie and that after several attempts they still didn’t have the same results.

Gummy Bears Ice Lollies

First thing I bought was the lolly mould and wooden sticks. The ice lolly mould I bought wasn’t too easy to find on Amazon and eBay but if you include the world silicone in your search it helps. Before pouring the lemonade into my ice lolly moulds I whisked the liquid until it became flat. I include this step as it didn’t state it on the recipe I was working from and I think might be the reason for the other person’s response above. Removing the fizz means during freezing it won’t go as cloudy.

Gummy Bears

My first dilemma was whether to pour all my gummy bears in at the one time or put some in now and more in after, along with more lemonade. I knew the weight of the bears was going to sink and I wanted the bears evenly spaced out like the Pinterest pictures showed! I got on better inserting the sweets after the lemonade had been in the freezer for around two hours. The placement of the gummy sweets wasn’t too bad but as you can see in my images the liquid did become cloudy and was not very clear as other Pinterest pictures showed. The lemonade taste was very nice but as I get to a yummy sweet it’s a bit of a slimy tasteless taste. The sweets are much better tasting just as they are.

Gin & Tonic Ice lollies

In my second attempt, I tried making gin and pink grape fruit with fresh edible flowers. I bought two cans of the mixed drink and boiled the content to help stop the cloudy results I got in my gummy bear lollies. Finding edible flowers was impossible! All my local supermarkets either had no idea what I was looking for and kept directing me to the edible flowers you put on cupcakes or they had sold out of the fresh ones and showed me the empty place on the shelf where they should be. I didn’t want to wait for an online order although was tempted by the enormous range you can buy online! Instead I picked up edible rose petals found on the spices isle.

Gin & Tonic

Doesn’t the bright pink colour look tasty! It was delish but unfortunately you couldn’t see any of the rose petals inside. I suspect the images I had been looking at online didn’t include a whole lot of alcohol and having more water means the lolly will be lighter and clearer in colour. An alcohol ice lolly should have plenty of booze inside, that is the point after all. Even though the taste was on the money, there was a very disappointing factor. I might not have been able to see the rose petals but I could taste them. Best way to describe it was just like eating wet paper and peeling it off your tongue. So, best out of three?!

Pimm's Ice Lollies

My third attempt included Pimm’s, lemonade and lots of fruit. I’m not a huge fan of Pimm’s but my friend is and her licked clean ice lolly stick was a good enough indicator that this was a success! I did enjoy the frozen strawberry taste so maybe that’s something to use next time. Again I started with boiling the liquid and I put in the allocated alcohol suggested on the Pimm’s bottle. My suggestion here is to use less Pimm’s than I did just so you can see the fruit a little better.

Side note, all the lolly images you see have been slightly improved with the use of Photoshop for colour adjustment and sharpening. The photos look good but the lollies weren’t quite as good

I sliced strawberries, peach and kiwi and placed them in the lolly mould and then added the liquid to the halfway mark. Then after two hours in the freezer I added the rest of the liquid and fruit. My only struggle was inserting the wooden ice lolly stick past all the fruit in the mould at the end. Liquid did go everywhere and I still need to clean out the chest freezer!


There you have it, another DIY blog post. I like the tally chart it’s a bit of fun Pinterest-2 Emma-0 but to be fair I have won a few more then I have mentioned. Pinterest has some real recipe gems that I’ve stumbled upon and again Pinterest wins on look but I’m sure I win in taste. I guess lesson here is, don’t believe too much of what you see. Try it, expand on the idea and make it your own.

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