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My favourite food is pasta. Broccoli and anchovie pasta, pepper pasta, mac and chesse, zucchini pasta, I love pasta! If you asked me to choose one dish I could only eat for the rest of my life you’d probably think I’d say pasta. Truth is I’m not sure. I have other favourites too. Roast dinner, rice and noodle dishes, the list goes on. One thing I know goes well with food is friends. Most social outings include food whether it’s lunch before you hit the shops or a takeaway after a night out. Food and friends are like bread and butter.

Each week myself and two close friends schedule in our weekly movie night at my house. It’s usually on a Thursday and something in the week to which we all look forward. It makes the week at work go by quicker knowing that, come Thursday, we will have our much needed catch up and share all the latest gossip from work and home. A while ago we also started combining our movie night with a monthly Domino’s or Pizza Hut (which ever had the best deal) take out. This was another thing to look forward to each month. It mixed the movie night up and gave us a slightly longer together and who doesn’t like pizza?!

The movie and pizza nights were always my favourite. There wasn’t the rush of getting back home to make and eat tea as we were all eating together. It was about then that I decided to combine our weekly movie nights with learning how to cook. In my house my Dad is the one in the kitchen. He’s a great cook so I’m fed and watered very well. We eat as a family at the same time so the need for me cooking isn’t really ever necessary. Plus I’ve always seen cooking as a bit of a chore. No fun in cooking unlike the fun I get in eating!

That was until I started to cook for my friends and make a night of it. I now look for new recipes and enjoying buying all the ingredients and getting everything prepared. Serving my meals out and getting good responses is the cherry on the cake. Good feedback and clear plates makes me want to do it all over again. I still need to practice on my slicing and chopping. I’ve given up with onions. If Dad happens to be about I’ll get him to do that. I may be allergic because no-one has as many tears as I do after removing only the first layer of onion.

Singapore Noodles

Hasselback Chicken

I’ve found recipes online and have a Pinterest folder of all things food related. It’s great! There are so many different dishes out there to make. I’ve already made a dish that is a new favourite with the family, Singapore noodles. Pork and prawns go so well together and the dish is that tasty you’ll want leftovers. Another favourite is the chicken with stuffed spinach. The spinach makes the chicken nice and juicy and your left going ‘Mmmm’ after each bite.

Scheduling in these nights are a great way to keep in contact with friends and keeps me social. I’d recommend giving this a go If you are looking for a fun cheap social night or if like me you want to get better at cooking but see it as a chore. Make a night of it. Pretend you’re on your own Come Dine With Me! Some of the Thursday night recipes I found online are hyperlinked above the pictures if you’re interested in giving them a try.

Spicy Sausage, Spinach and Mushroom Pasta (I swapped out the gnocchi for pasta shells)

Pulled Pork Burger

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