New Year’s Resolutions Worth Making

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Making

It’s already a week into 2018! Happy Belated New Year!

How’s your New Year’s resolutions holding up?

I have a habit of bringing back old resolutions. This usually means I didn’t stick to them in previous years. Cracking on with my driving and reading more are two from my 2017 resolution list, which are both joining me again this coming year. The notion of a clean slate is a good motivator to set lots of goals. Normally too many in my case. Why does January 1st have to be the best time to start a fresh? Are we using it as an excuse to hold off on starting the new diet or quitting smoking. I believe resolutions/goals can be made all year round. It’s exciting to think up lots of ways to make this year ‘the best year yet’, but are our New Year’s resolutions a bit fanciful and in the long run harder to accomplish. Maybe you’ve challenged yourself to go to the gym 5 days a week or went for the dry January option. Chocolate might be your weakness so giving it up in 2018 might be your goal. Keeping a diary is something you wanted to do this year, however by week two you are already forgetting to write in it every night. These resolutions are great but are they manageable throughout the year.

Resolutions are usually about dieting and saving money.

Can’t they be fun for a change and be something that we enjoy doing?

In the end we all want to succeed with our goals for the year. Let’s make them more realistic and fun to do.


New Year’s Resolutions Worth Making.


Go to the gym or exercise at home once a week

Video chat your friends more

Read before bed (put the mobile phone away)

Smile more

Only eat chocolate on Saturday and Sundays


Say bless you or gazuntite when people sneeze

Invite friends round once a month to play board games

Write in your diary once a week

Cook one new dish a month (Pinterest has so many good recipes)

Call and check in with family once a month

Drink Alcohol on the weekends

Stop comparing yourself with others

Plan your outfit the night before (have an extra 30 mins in bed in the morning)

Switch to E-cigarettes

Drink a big glass of water in the morning and before bed

Start wearing all those clothes in your wardrobe that still have the tags on

Stop replying to work emails out of hours

Don’t spend any £5 notes, save them up and go shopping in a few months

Take part in the 365 photo project (doesn’t matter when you start it)

Start saving money with one goal in mind


Let me know in the comments below one thing you’d like to achieve in 2018.

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