Road Trip Mishaps

With any journey you’d expect a few hiccups. These hiccups can be down to lack of planning, things changing, expectations and challenges. All things that I had to deal with on the road in America. We were travelling for two months, it couldn’t be peachy all of the time. Here are my USA Road Trip Mishaps.



A trip wouldn’t be complete without something going wrong. For us it was arriving in Page, Arizona when the 2013 federal government shut down happened. Hundreds of national parks closed for days including Grand Canyon. Having something planned in your schedule for months and then being told you can’t go and it’s out of your hands is so frustrating! On leaving Arizona we drove over to Grand Canyon and were met by a closed sign. Beyond that another closed sign and more behind those. Grand Canyon is still on my bucket list.



Twinkies have been eaten in movies like Iron Giant and Die Hard. In the zombie apocalypse film Zombieland lives were even risked trying to find a box of twinkies.  On my list of things to try while in American a twinkie was pretty high up there. For me, the famous Twinkie didn’t live up to my expectation. One excited bite into the golden sponge cake and my face made that scrunched up “I don’t like this” face. Into the bin it went. The strange sticky texture should had warned me off. The cream was so sugary and sweet a heart attack could have happened with a second bite. In my mind it should have tasted like a doughnut does, lick of the lips yummy, but there was something unnatural about the twinkie. It was a sugar overload disappointment. To make things worse I didn’t have any other sweet treats on me to indulge in.



My road trip friends were almost eaten a live on two separate occasions. Most of the motels and hostels we stayed in were very pleasant but good luck has to run out at some point. Releasing you have been visited by mini vampires throughout the night is only funny to the onlooker. I did find it very amusing and the name drunk bed bugs was given. It looked like the insects didn’t really know where they were going, the bite marks went in all directions. For my friend it was very unpleasant. Feeling itchy for days after and wearing long clothing to hide all the bite marks. The marks lasted for a good two weeks so were a constant reminder of that one bad motel we stayed at. Luckily for me I didn’t have tasty blood so was unharmed by American midges and bed bugs.



The newer four-lane highways in the USA are flat, effective for traffic and boring to drive along. Some of the adverts can be fun to look at but some of the many billboards don’t have anything on them! Before too long it feels like you have seen this very same road before and the billboards start getting repetitive. The old American roads are far more scenic. Driving off the main highway was my favourite part of the journey. There’s fun roadside attractions that have been instagramed to death but are a must visit. Like the Giant Rocking Chair in Missouri, the tall Mexican guy at South of the Boarder in South Carolina and the Cadillac Ranch in Texas. We should have planned for these stop offs more as there was plenty more we could have visited but time was an issue.



I don’t like being rushed. Time was something we didn’t have enough of. Occasionally rushing was the only way to get through as much as we could. We had set plans and places we needed to be in along the way. This helped with progressing  towards our final deadline, our departure flight. It did also mean that in many occasions lack of time ruined our exploring time. For the two months we drove across America we did see and visit many places. Some places I would have liked to enjoy more without the concern of time running out.



It took me a good week to adjust to the heat. It was the hottest temperatures I had ever experienced. The high humidity didn’t help either. Despite showering in the morning to cool down I was still a bit of a hot mess after getting dressed. When you’re hot and bothered going out into the heat is the last thing you want to do. We travelled from South to East to North and West and back again so the changes were sometimes a bigger shock than it was from our initial arrival. Some days hotter than others, Chicago and 30 degrees with 95% humidity  was a sweaty day. At night it’s suppose to get cooler. It probably did but for me 20 degrees is still pretty hot. Air conditioners in rooms don’t always work. So we experienced a few hot restless night sleeps.

Have you had any road trip mishaps?

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