Scavenger Hunt

Is it just me or when the sun comes out do you appreciate the little town you grew up in more. No day dreaming of beaches or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef for me. All I really want is to catch a train with a friend to town and think about where to hangout later.

I did just that the other week in Manchester. Our day was spent looking at the new additions to the street art scene in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. An event called Cities of Hopes brought nine artists from around the world to Manchester. They were each tasked with creating art around a local organisation that would inspire action on the social issues painted.

The sun was shining and no rain was forecast not even a light shower. Trusting that it was going to be a gorgeous day I even removed my umbrella from my bag before leaving. After a catch up over lunch at Walrus we headed off in search of the new graffiti.

Photo by Jenn Brookes

Photo by Jenn Brookes

We found and photographed a number of amazing paintings. Later, a couple approached us and asked if we could give them directions to a certain painting. At that point I called what we were doing a scavenger hunt. Sounds much more interesting than ‘walking around looking for graffiti.’ They are dotted all over, some down side streets and some in-between buildings. The scale of a few of the pieces is huge and if you don’t look up you could walk right past them. The detailing is awesome, almost as if you are looking at a photograph. The colours are vibrant and a beautiful contrast between the concrete and brick buildings. Very enjoyable to look at as you walk through the streets.

After much walking (and the odd pee break ) we had worked off our lunch so we went for a sit down and a snack. As a result of wandering around Northern Quarter for a few hours and possible being more aware of seeing things we came across a coffee shop called Foundation Coffee. A new place for me and a place I’d definitely go back to for another slice of their chocolate orange brownie.

Something so simple like walking round with a friend on a nice sunny day can turn out to be a rather enjoyable day. Chuck in an art scavenger hunt and cake and your day has just got better!

If after reading this post you fancy checking out Northern Quarter for the new art additions I’d absolutely recommend going. Take pictures like we did or even the odd selfie. Discuss your thoughts on the painting and what social issue you think they represent. An impromptu photo shoot might even happen if like me you have ‘model friends!’

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