Zara Basic Tees & Youtube | September Favourites

Zara Basic Tees and Youtube have been this month’s favourites.

Why is finding plain T-shirts so hard these days? I have searched high and low for them. Finding ones that aren’t too thin has become a mission. As my mum would say, ‘You could spit peas through it!’ After searching numerous shops and making a few purchases that still had me unfulfilled, I tried Zara.

I don’t like to send over £10 for a plain tee and while the ones over that price are probably better quality I simply can’t justify spending that for a plain T-shirt. Zara had basic V-neck tees for £6.99. I decided to try them and added two to my already large virtual basket. The only thing with ordering T-shirts online is trying to work out beforehand if it’s made from that stretchy material. You know, that material that hugs your body rather than being loose in fit. Anyone else hate those stretchy T-shirts?

On receiving my order I was very happy with the soft feel and the thick quality that the tees had. I had a hallelujah moment! I later purchased in black too so I have the full monochrome palette now. I pray that Zara keep the quality of their T-shirts as I will definitely be repurchasing in the future.


I’ll just watch one more video…*Three hours later*… Youtube suggests you also watch this video.

One of my favourite Youtubers to watch went on an Arctic expedition in September. Mr Ben Brown who is a daily vlogger set out on a Russian vessel for two weeks to explore and document the trip. Unlike his daily life videos that simply leave me in wanderlust, I was reminded of my love of documentary. Watching his videos made me realise how I have forgotten the way documenting made me feel and how I have neglected it since graduating.

I loved how Ben captured quick facts about life on the ship and the history of the icebergs and the ever changing landscape. In his videos, there are helicopter moments, open mic nights with Chris Hadfield (The Astronaut) and even a polar bear photo shoot! I especially liked the trips ashore to the small towns. The local kids were excited to have visitors and seeing their faces while they took control of the drone and played ‘photographer’ were magic. I reminisced on times where my camera had that effect.

Watching the helicopter rides have now made me more than ever want to do a helicopter ride. My friend is doing one in New York on Friday so that too has added to my urgency. Of course seeing a polar bear is now something I also want to do. Who would say no to a polar bear photo shoot?!

I’m constantly being inspired by videos I watch on Youtube. Feeling envious does occur but more often than not now it is more a feeling of, ‘I can do that!’

I am off to Italy next week and I am raring to go. Feeling fully inspired thanks to Youtube creative’s.

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