That’s Not A Road Trip, That’s An Invasion!

In the early stages of planning our USA road trip map looked something like this. When sharing our plans one friend said “That’s not a road trip, that’s an invasion!” In the two months we planned to be in the USA we would cram in as much as possible. It was a trip of a life time. This was the annual invasion of foreign tourists and I was in the front row. I was ready to explore.

I brought a journal with me for the trip and wrote in it everyday for two months. Since returning I’ve looked in and reminisced a few times, always skipping through never reading start to finish. I find jumping to random pages makes it a bit more exciting. Also makes me realise the timeline of certain places or activities are different to how I thought I remembered them to be.

So I thought I’d share some random journal entries.


Day 2

Thunder Bird Inn. Tracey Magic works behind the desk.

Savannah bus tour was good. Nette our driver would tell us about the town while driving along. The juice here isn’t the same back home. It’s very sweet. Water has become my new best friend. I’ve constantly got a sweaty head.


Day 3

Carolina to Virginia beach North,  programmed the Satnav to take us to the nearest gas station instead it took us to some abandoned looking place. There I met and photographed a man and his dog. He said a lot of people get directed this way with their Satnavs. He was very helpful and directed us to the next gas station.


Day 5

I struggled today!

D.C was hot!!! 30 degrees. We briefly saw the White House. It was very crowded and I wasn’t feeling too good. Sweat streaming from my forehead and an empty water bottle.


Day 12

I can tick off ‘get soaking wet at Niagara Falls’ off my bucket list now.


Day 18

Woke up at 5am with a third elbow in my eye. Susie’s. Went to the loo and then just stayed in the car. Had breakfast then a little later got ready. Bianca’s alarm went off at 8am but I popped my head in the tent to give them a proper wake up!  Lots of campers had already set off and there was rain in the air so we packed up and got sorted. We are currently driving west. The time is 9:38am.


Day 22

We hit the road again. Today was a chill and clothes washing day. We stopped off at Starbucks in Crescent City for refresher drinks and then checked into the hotel next door.


Day 26

The queue to get into San Fran was huge! We headed out for ice cream. We then met Susie’s friend, Will, who is a student at the Institute of Photography. He showed us round the building it was very arty. He showed us the roof top view as we climbed the stairs he played the Lion King theme music! Best unexpected moment of the trip so far. A great tour! Very well planned. The art building was built in 1841. We then headed back to the hostel.


Day 27

The hostel (HI San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf hostel) is nice. I like the living room area although not much talking. More talking in our room. An older lady is very strange she told each of us different stories to why she is here. Natalie a girl from Chicago is another odd bod. She talks in her sleep and leaves voice messages while she sleeps. MJ an English girl from Ipswich was doing Camp America  and is now travelling around.


Day 31

Up early and off to find the Hollywood sign.


Day 33

Last full day in Vegas. After lunch at the food court of the casino me and Susie went to a Neon sign museum. Our tour guide was Ian and there was 3 of us in the group. The oldest sign there was from the 40s. The Moulin Rouge sign was damaged while it was taken down so they were creative and placed it in a way that read ‘In love.’ We also learned that a gangster/ mob guy designed a sign and before the one year anniversary of the sign the guy was shot dead.


Day 35

We slept in!…But we needed it, Bianca as the flu. Today we went to Antelope Canyon. We had a tour guide called Jay.


Day 43

Arrived in New Orleans. Our hotels location is a little worrying. Susie has looked at some reviews… ‘Hookers outside all night by the gas station’. ‘Stains on the mattress which is probably dead hooker blood’.


Day 52

Bianca and Bettina went rafting while me and Susie ventured out to Marshall. On entering the small town we both got very excited as it looked like an old town you see in the movies. We ate at Pork & Pie, there I tried the Gumbo. It was very tasty. We also had pork deep fried crisps that tasted like rice cakes. The hog bread was really nice too.


Day 55

I woke up at 5am. We were out the door at 6am and arrived at the River Ventures manatee tour at 6:15am. We watched a video on how to act around the animals.Then we were given our wetsuits. Our captain was called Steven. The sun started to raise and the sky was red and purple, very picturesque to be out that early on a boat with the colourful reflections in the water. It took us three of the captains favourite spots until we found some manatees. A mother and baby!


Day 61

We had two hours to be ready and out the door. It was sad doing the final bit of packing up. Something we had done everyday pretty much for two months was going to be our last. Packed and checked out we drove to the airport. It was a quiet journey.  We remembered the amazing photo from yesterday at Adventure Land and had a laugh. We then said our goodbyes.

I’d love to hear if you have road tripped around America. Or are you in the middle of planning one? Let me know!



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