10 Productive Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

Usually if I find myself getting bored I’ll pick my phone up and scroll through social media and daydream for a bit. Not really reading any posts or reacting to any pictures I’m unaware that I have entered, blasé, zombie mode. The truth is there’s lots of productive things to do online when you’re bored. In this blog post I’ve made it easy and listed my favourite 10 down below.

Surely, I’m not alone when I say, in the state of ultimate boredom I consider doing something productive. I consider putting a clothes wash on maybe or getting round to that ever growing ‘to do list’. However, the thought of getting up and actually doing puts me off and I end up not doing much of anything. Hence my list of 10 productive things to do online when you’re bored. Enjoy!

10 Productive Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

1. Become An eBay Seller. Making money selling old belongings is a good motivator to tiding up your room. It’s also a fantastic way to make some extra cash. Once you have successfully sold a few items you’ll be hooked.A clear and well-lit picture helps sell products on eBay. Including close ups of details whether it shows the amazing quality or a few flaws it may have is important. Honesty is what people want! A short but detailed description of the item is key, you want it to sell so make it sound good. Working out postage costs can seem a bit of a hassle but it is easy. I use the post office website.

When making your listing live consider the time the auction will finish. An auction finishing on a Friday night means people might miss getting their bids in as they’re likely to be out on the town. Mid-week is a much better time. Make sure all the latest TV dramas don’t clash with the auction ending time too. I have the eBay app on my phone and notifications on. This means whenever I sell an item I hear the cha ching sound. It’s great fun!Become An Ebay Seller

2. Create A Playlist. Grouping all your favourite songs can be great for future events. It’s time consuming initially but great later when you’re wanting to listen to a good collection of songs by a click of a mouse. For my playlists, I use Spotify. A fun playlist to create could be a collection of songs released the year you were born, a road trip playlist, song from movies, chill out music, a Disney collection or even a playlist to go with a themed party you are having. You’ll never need to click ‘skip’ or ‘next’ again, as all the songs on your playlist will be awesome songs!

3. Be A Virtual Traveller. Travelling is usually my daydream topic of choice. There’s a constant feed on social media of images and stories of people’s travels and it’s hard to escape it daily. Some images like scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef I can only dream of witnessing for myself. Rock climbing in Yosemite isn’t something I’d ever see myself doing but it would be a pretty fun story to tell. Like sky diving, these are all things on my bucket list that might happen or might not happen. I’ve recently came across the best Google Street Views you can explore. This is great for travel wanderlusters like me. Join me and become a virtual traveller at the weekend. You can be one at in the week days too, heck you can be a virtual traveller on your way to work in the morning!

4. Support A Project Or A Brand. I was in college when I first heard about Crowdfunder and Kickstarter. These sites are great for young creators to raise money for exhibitions and projects and have even been used to help raise money for commercial films and technology. What’s great about these funding sites is not only are you helping to raise money but you are also making a purchase too. From pledges starting at £5/$5 to £1,000/$1,000 and beyond you can buy prints, digital downloads, clothing and even special events. It’s a wonderful way to help a person or brand get closer to their goals and purchase something unique at the same time. Creators must stick together! It’s hard out there, after graduating.

5. Do Some Desktop Cleaning. I know it’s a dull task but ask yourself, when was the last time you tidied up your desktop screen? I have a habit of making folders on my desktop which usually means I never have too much to worry about. On occasion, I have neglected my desktop and came close to filling up the entire screen. A bit of an organise can leave you feeling a tad bit more productive and usually for me takes me on a trip down memory lane. Finding old photos and watching videos as I move the content into its new allocated folder can make for a pretty okay task.

6. Go To A Virtual Lecture. On YouTube TedX Talks channel has it all. From marketing, science, travel, technology and fashion there’s lots to listen to and learn about right here.

7. Become An Organ Donor. I was sixteen years old when I received a letter through the post after my birthday and it was the NHS asking for my organs! At that age, I was naive and anything hospital related freaked me out, it still does today. I didn’t sit down and read the brochure because of this. Eight years later, I signed up online and became an organ donor. A colleague at work passed away suddenly. He had been a heart transplant patient for 9 years. Situations like this are sadly the most powerful ways in getting people to be aware of charities and ways to help.

If you’ve made it this far down my list and are still trying to find something to do, I ask you to click here if you are not an organ donor. Signing up takes just 2 minutes and you can decide which organs to donate. I’ll be honest donating tissue freaked me out when I hovered over the ? tab for more information so I unchecked that. Some countries have opt-out policy which means once you turn eighteen you are added on to the donor list. I believe the UK should put this into effect too. Alternately if you don’t wish to donate your organs after death you can register to do so.

8. Practise For The Zombie Apocalypse. Who really knows if a zombie apocalypse will ever happen. I hope I’m long gone if it ever does! For all you Walking Dead fans out there this one is for you. Google streetview + zombies, I’m not kidding! See how long you can survive in your home town here.Zombie Survival Kit

9. Help A Charity. I’m new to click to donate sites but what an inventive way to learn and make a difference! I especially like the Freerice site. As you know I’m not the greatest of spellers and my vocabulary could be improved too. This site helps with vocabulary and many other subjects like languages, maths and science. For each correct answer, sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice. Learn and help fight against hunger. Another site to check out is Care2. From breast cancer research to saving the rainforest Care2 has loads of charities to get involved with. All you do is click!

10. Start Your Estate. That’s right, why not start thinking about your future, way into the future! Your futuristic estate! Something cool to leave the great, great, great grandchildren. You can buy land on Mars! From 1 acres to 20 +. It could be like buying your future relatives a ticket to survival when the world ends and Mars is the new planet to live on! Or it’s just a cool gift for someone into Mars and the universe.

Got any more ideas on things to do online when you’re bored, leave them in the comments below!

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10 Productive Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

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