10 Things To Eat In Scotland

If love is the universal language then food is the second. A close second though, I love food! When traveling, it is crucially important to try some of the different dishes the country/city has to offer. In this guide, I share all my recommendations for food in Scotland. Here are my 10 things to eat in Scotland.

10 Things To Eat In Scotland

10 Things To Eat In Scotland

Soor Plooms

To Eat In Scotland Soor Ploom Sweets

Like Rosey Apple sweets, the Scottish sweet Soor Ploom ‘sour plum’ is a boiled, round sweet. It’s bright green in colour and is very sharp in flavour. It’s a childhood sweet that you never get fed up with.

Square Slice

To Eat In Scotland Square Slice

Also known as Lorne sausage or slice sausage, square slice is a traditional Scottish breakfast, brunch and lunch option. Made from ground meat, rusk and spices you can usually eat it as part of a full breakfast or in a breakfast roll. I’d recommend trying it in a roll as Scottish morning rolls are delish! The rolls are baked a little longer to give them a crisp more burnt surface on top and the inside of the roll is airy with a slight chewy, crisp texture.


To Eat In Scotland Tablet

This sweet treat could possibly be the “crack cocaine” of confectionery. Its main ingredients are sugar and butter which is boiled in a pan with condensed milk. Left to crystallise and cool you’re left with this utterly indulgence, yummy treat! The above picture of tablet was actually baked at home using this video tutorial by Bill Mason. Once a family mystery of how past relatives successfully make tablet, now Dad and I can add it to our ‘recipe book’.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Scotland Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

A traditional Scottish dish, haggis is just one of those dishes you must try when visiting Scotland. Typically served with neeps (turnip) and tatties (mash potato) it’s the kind of meal you look forward to after a long day walking and taking in the highland views. I recommend not Googleing the ingredients to haggis but instead think of it as spicy mince. Mince and mash but 10 times better!


To Eat In Scotland Shortbread

Made up of butter, sugar and flour, shortbread is a Scottish biscuit most popular consumed at Christmas and Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve). It’s also a great treat to buy as a souvenir.

Tunnocks Chocolate

To Eat In Scotland Tunnocks Chocolate

Tunnocks which is a family grown business have many chocolate treats to choose from. I love them all! What started the collection of chocolate treats was the Caramel Wafer. It’s a milk chocolate biscuit which covers five layers of wafer and four layers of caramel. A chewy textured biscuit that’s simply heavenly. Next, we have Tea Cakes which are chocolate coated biscuit with a marshmallow filling. Snowballs take me back to my childhood. They are soft marshmallows fully coated in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut shavings. Last but not least are two biscuits I’ve only recently had the pleasure of eating while I was visiting Isle of Skye. The Caramel Log! A mash up biscuit of the Caramel Wafer and the Snowball. It’s epic! Finally, the Wafer Cream. Swapping out the caramel in the Caramel Wafer for chocolate, Tunnocks created a simple, yet tasty treat from the classic.

Fish or Sausage Supper

To Eat In Scotland Fish And Sausage Supper

Also known as ‘fish and chips’ or ‘sausage and chips’. Be wary on portion sizes when ordering your suppers. You may find one fish or sausage supper can feed two! I can recommend The Chippy Doon the Lane in Glasgow’s city centre.


To Eat In Scotland Stovies

Made usually from leftovers this dish is made up of potatoes and meat. A slowly cooked meal means the meat is tender and flavoursome. It’s a hearty dish and perfect for winter months or sobering up.

Empire Biscuit

To Eat In Scotland Empire Biscuit

A popular Scottish snack the Empire Biscuit is made up of jam in between two shortbread biscuits with white icing covering the top.  A jelly sweet or cherry is placed on top to garnish.

Scotch Pie

To Eat In Scotland Scotch Pie

Typically bought at a bakery the Scotch Pie is a small hard crust pie which is eaten by hand. It’s an on the go kind of lunch snack, so tasty it usually doesn’t last 3 minutes. There are many options to choose from but a popular choice is lamb.

Bonus Suggestion

Irn Bru

Scotland Irn Bru Fizzy Drink

I couldn’t not mention the famous fizzy drink Irn Bru. Having grown up with this fizzy drink I have fond memories of it. From Scottish relatives being surprised my brother and I were Irn Bru enthusiasts from a young age to getting all my childhood friends to taste the wonderful drink. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the countless spillages made on the carpets at home. Orange is not an easy colour to remove from the carpet and there’s a point where you can’t pull out the sofa from the wall anymore to hide the most recent Irn Bru accident! It’s a taste you simply can’t compare. It’s Scotland’s national fizzy drink and a must try!

They were my 10 things to eat in Scotland! I hope you enjoyed reading and have noted some of them down for when you next visit Scotland. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite.


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    19th July 2019 at 23:36

    Great post! I went to Scotland just recently and I am ready to write a few posts about the place. I have been researching different foods that I tried in Scotland but could not recall the name. I came across your post!
    Well done!

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